BlazeProtect™ - Protect Your Glass Water Pipe Lifetime Warranty🛡

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(Recommended) BlazeProtect™ is an optional warranty plan you may add to any eligible product when you make your purchase. Simply add BlazeProtect™ to your cart, with the item you'd like to cover. *one valid per product*

Protect your glass for a lifetime with a BlazeProtect warranty!

If you purchased a BlazeProtect™ warranty and damage your item, simply contact us by letting us know about redeeming your warranty, and by leaving picture attachments showing the damage to your product.

BlazeProtect™ is only available for purchase the first 14 days of recieving your item. After that time your item is no longer eligible for warranty, so we suggest purchasing the warranty with the item you'd like to cover.

Once approved, we'll send you a credit code worth 50% of replacement item price. Use this code when ordering your replacement! Once code is redeemed your warranty expires, and can't be purchased for the replacement you'll recieve.